Relationships are at the very core of our lives. Whether the relationship is with a partner, family member, friend or work college they have the potential to bring us much joy and fulfilment in our live. Relationships are the place where we are challenged on a very personal basis to grow and develop. They can help define us and at their best can provide us with joy and nourishment. 

When we struggle in a relationship or find it hard to make relationships it can make us feel unhappy, unfulfilled, isolated and alone.

Counselling can help you look at patterns of relating to others that have become unhelpful.  Experience of early attachment shapes our experiences of relating in later life. Working with and understanding these experiences can help us to understand our relationships and move on in our lives, helping us to relate in more fulfilling and helpful ways.
Day Time, Evening and Weekends Sessions. BACP Accredited. UKRCP Registered. Individuals £45   Couples £50.00
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