Couples & Marriage

Couples & Marriage Relationships are fundamental to our well being; a place of safety, love, sexual and emotional fulfillment.

However there are times when relationship can feel surrounded in pain and confusion. The relationship stuck in repeating patterns that seem destructive to the two people involved. It can be difficult to understand what is happening. The couple become confused and disappointed in the dream they shared together.

Couples often come to counselling in crisis or transition with something in the relationship needing to end and something needing to grow. They want to feel better about themselves their partner and the relationship.

A couple may come to counselling because there is conflict over parenting children or concerned about the impact of relationship difficulties on children. 

Couples often come during periods of transition; the birth of a new baby, children leaving home, life transition such as moving job, country, children leaving home, the impact of menopause, moving into retirement, or becoming unemployed – life changes mean transition and adjustment.

There may be a loss of intimacy and closeness in the relationship and they are committed to growing together and understanding what is happening. For other couples the relationship may feel very stuck or broken. They may want to really understand what is happening and may need help to make a decision to end the relationship and find support in taking this difficult step. Infidelity in a relationship can be an enormously painful and difficult thing to face and is often a reason for seeking help.

It can feel like a difficult step to come to counselling together. My job as a couple counsellor is to help you both feel held, help you both to understand what is happening in your relationship, feel clearer in yourselves and able to make clear decisions and move forward in your lives.
Day Time, Evening and Weekends Sessions. BACP Accredited. UKRCP Registered. Individuals £45   Couples £50.00
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