Depression Depression can feel like you are trapped in a dark place where you loose your sense of hope and optimism for the future. Activities in life that you looked forward to become too difficult to manage. There is often a sense of worthlessness and loss of self esteem, disturbed sleep or appetite. It is not just 'having a bad day' but a pervading sense of sadness. 

Depression can be a result of a life event; the ending of a relationship, the death of someone close to you, the loss of a job or it can be the result of unresolved issues from the past which need to be worked through.

Talking about how you feel and understanding why you feel the way you do can really help; recognising that you are not on your own. Practical solutions can also be really supportive and helpful and I talk to my clients about how simple steps like exercise, which encourages natural endorphins, and better nutrition can make a difference to how they feel.
Day Time, Evening and Weekends Sessions. BACP Accredited. UKRCP Registered. Individuals £45   Couples £50.00
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